God is worthy of our best and highest worship, so it is our goal to use many kinds of artistic expressions to provide an avenue of inspiration to worship the Lord together in spirit and in truth. Then we will be personally prepared to do what we were created to do--worship God with our every day lives. Our worship gatherings are meant to offer an opportunity for any person to come and feel welcome. If you are unfamiliar with the Christian faith, and are simply looking for an opportunity to search out some truth about God, then our worship gatherings will help you understand more about what we believe and our desire to live in light of God's love for us.

We invite you to come, observe, ask questions, and enjoy friendly people. If you are a Christian looking for a family of believers to live life with, then our congregational worship gatherings will give you a chance to worship with us and get to know who we are. We hope that you will soon begin to feel a part of our family here at Yankee Road.  If you are a regular attendee of Yankee Road, you know that our corporate worship celebrations are an authentic expression of joyful praise, heartfelt worship, and prayer, as well as Bible-based, relevant, and practical preaching of God's truth that can apply to a believer in any stage of their faith. We invite you to worship with us! Our Worship Ministry Mission: The Yankee Road/Crossings 1st Church of God Worship ministry shall provide gathering opportunities for all people (the unchurched, the unsaved, and the Church Body) for the purpose of worshipping and encountering Almighty God. The Worship Ministry shall use a wide variety of artistic expression as tools for worship to provide biblically-based instruction and nurture for individuals and the corporate congregation so that God is glorified, Christ is exalted, and the Holy Spirit has the freedom to minister. In short, the believer is challenged and compelled to obedience and discipleship, and the unbeliever is drawn to Christ for salvation. Both believers and unbelievers will be transformed as a result of being in and sensing the presence of God; the person, the passion, the saving grace and redemptive purpose of Jesus; and the power of the Holy Spirit. Individuals will be encouraged and instructed to develop a daily lifestyle of worship to the Lord. Worship opportunities are participatory, engaging, communal, experiential, and connect the worship participant with God and His Church.

In addition, worship experiences will transcend race, culture, age, stylistic preferences, and other man-made barriers. God is the center and focus – first and foremost worship is for God He is the only entity worthy of our praise and worship. God is glorified - we worship out of reverence, awe, fear, and love for God. We may celebrate and boast in God alone, not for us, but for His renown, His glory, and His majesty. He is with us! God is revealed - our corporate worship is designed to reveal and re-tell the story that God wants us to gather to be with Him, hear from Him, respond to Him with thankful and grateful hearts, and obey His call be to sent to serve and to share His story with others. God has His Church - worship is an interactive activity for all of God’s people. Expressions of worship do positively impact people outside the church. Worshipping together is evidence of unity within the Body of Christ. We value gathering people together for public worship as an opportunity for all people to corporately worship God and impact people in the process of discovering and applying biblical principles in every day living. We understand we can do nothing in our own power unless we fully submit ourselves to God, that he may use us through the power of the Holy Spirit as he sees fit. We value fresh, varied, and culturally relevant approaches to communicating who God is and what he has done. We value each person’s unique spiritual giftedness and natural talents and yet recognize we seek only God’s glory and not our own. We recognize the high calling and responsibility of leading others in worship, and therefore commit ourselves to offering our spiritual gifts back to God with a high standard of perseverance and excellence. We value a team approach for designing and implementing services.

As worship facilitators, we strive to maintain, nurture and grow in our individual relationships with God. We value ministering to one another in the process of preparation as well as ministering to the congregation. We are committed to consistently and faithfully upholding our fellow team members in prayer. We value serving other churches when called upon by sharing our resources, philosophy, ideas and values.