Our History

The Yankee Road church had its beginning in the early spring of 1940 in a small store building on Young Street. Reverend C.T. Walters was the first pastor. Since the congregation was young, Rev. Walters was very instrumental in the spiritual leadership and guidance of the church. Rev. Walters and his family gave sacrificially of their time and service to make the church a lighthouse in the community. Bessie Forney McQuinn is the only remaining charter member who occasionally still comes to church for 60 years now.

As the church population grew, the congregation decided to purchase property at the present site, 3029 Yankee Road. Men of the congregation built the basement facility with considerable sacrifices and hard labor. The first worship service was held in August 1940.

During the past 70 years, we have had five pastors and sixteen associate, youth and / or music ministers. Reverend S. Kevin Collins became our sixth pastor at a special election held on January 26, 2000. He received a 100% vote, and his first Sunday as our new pastor was on March 5, 2000. Our church welcomed him and his family to our congregation, and we are blessed to have such a man of God.

Since the first service in 1940, consisting of a few families, the church under great pastoral leadership, has grown to our congregation today. There are approximately 200 families representing our church and many others who call Yankee Road their home church. We want to recognize all the numerous lay persons throughout our history that have filled various vacancies as needed in their love and dedication to the Lord.

The congregation of today owes their gratitude to those saints of God; for their faithfulness, sacrificial giving, and hard labor; who had a vision for the church 70 years ago. Only the Lord knows the results of the seeds, which were sown from the beginning of this congregation we now represent. Many have left Yankee Road to become ministers and workers to serve God in other churches and states. May the church continue to be a lighthouse in our community as we work together with God to promote His work in reaching lost souls.